Ride Safe.

Ride Smart.

Please Stay on Trails.

About Northern Trails Unlimited and It’s History

We are a small local club of business members that maintain nearly 100 miles of scenic, groomed trails that wind mostly through timber, but never across lakes, thus making the season longer and safer.

Booster memberships are available for $30/family and includes your membership in the AWSC.  Now available  to join or renew online!

Please support our Sponsors who maintain the ​Northern Trails Unlimited trails.

Our History

Club history: In 1969, some of the local bar owners bought some snowmobiles and decided it would be fun to be able to ride from bar to bar. Thus the beginning of snow trails in the Northwoods.

Northern Trails Unlimited, Inc. was incorporated in 1972 and has grown from a couple of businesses to the present 8. Those current businesses are Boomba Bar & Grill, Borowski’s Little Rice Resort, LaCanne’s Resort on Swamp Lake, The Loop Hole, Pickles Bar and Grill, Prairie Rapids Tavern, Willow Haven Bar & Grill, and Willow Wood Lodge.